Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Exhaust system cleaning is required to meet fire and health code regulations and standards. Your local fire department, health department, insurance company and landlord insist you meet the NFPA 96 standards. These standards will ensure that you pass a fire inspection, meet insurance needs and provide a safe workplace.
Cleaning your kitchen exhaust will improve your air quality by having an effective clean system that is designed to remove smoke and odours. One of our crew members will help organize a preventative maintenance schedule to create a safer and pleasant workplace.

In addition to cleaning your exhaust system, our crews are trained to identify any potential mechanical issues and will report them to you in our comprehensive After Service Follow Up Report. This report is completed upon every visit and can be provided to regulatory inspectors as proof of servicing.

Having your kitchen exhaust system cleaned will reduce the risk of a kitchen fire and protect your investment. It will also protect your customers and provide you with peace of mind.